I did the BSUPA Level 1 Ready to Ride course at Bury Lake Young Mariners and also joined British Stand Up Paddle Association (BSUPA).

The instructors made the course a lot of fun and we learned some cool stuff about improved paddling technique, turning and a bit of Yoga!

BSUPA’s aims for SUP within the UK

BSUPA aims to protect and promote the sport of paddle boarding in the UK by providing safe entry routes and sustainable ongoing club activities for SUPers, alongside quality and participation-rich events for all abilities.

  • Development  – growing the sport through SUP clubs, schools, SUP events, in flat water, surf and inland waterways.
  • Coaching  – through an accredited BSUPA coaching scheme, accredited BSUPA schools and hire centres and promoting good practice.
  • Safety  – through working with RNLI, ROSPA, AALA and government and non-government organisations to promote safety.
  • Representation  – to ensure that the sport of stand up paddle surfing is looked after by stand up paddle surfers, to work with the SUP industry and other relevant associations in the best interest of stand up paddle surfing and BSUPA members.
  • Members  – to provide guidance on access to waterways, 3rd party insurance, advice, information and a focal point for stand up paddling.
  • Other Organisations  – BSUPA has strong links with other associations and bodies in the UK and intends to grow and build its interaction with other NGBs and sports bodies as the sport develops

Bury Lake Young Mariners 
Rickmansworth Aquadrome
Fromore Lane


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