Saunton Sands, Devon

Saunton Sands, Devon
Location Type: Sea

Saunton Sands is a classic and well frequented surf spot. Offering relatively soft breaking waves, this is the perfect introduction for anyone looking to get into surf SUP.

The massive expanse of sand allows the novice to find his or her own peak. This means you won’t be causing a nuisance to any other water users while you stand up paddleboard in England.

Even on massive swells it’s possible to practice in relative safety. You may not make it out back, due to the seemingly endless walls of white water, but the reforms on the inside banks will be more than adequate for you to snag a few waves.

If you get tired of being battered by the Atlantic then head to Instow or Appledore. Here you’ll find some flat water estuary paddling. It’s this variety which helps make Saunton one of the best English SUP spots. Just be aware of tides and boat traffic!

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