Holy Isle, Isle of Arran

Holy Isle, Isle of Arran
Location Type: Sea

Whiting Bay is the starting point for this stunning 5-mile paddle along the Firth of Clyde, following the shoreline of Scotland’s glorious Isle of Aran. After you pass the headland at Kingscross Point, you’ll be greeted by the splendid view of Holy Isle – a tiny island just off the Arran mainland that’s bursting at the seams with fascinating history. Open to visitors between March – October, paddle along its western shore before landing to seek out the isle’s healing spring, 6th Century hermit cave and the remains of a 13th Century monastery. Nowadays, people visit to find their own sense of inner peace at the Tibetan Buddhist retreat located on the north west tip. From here it’s a short paddle westward back to Lamlash on the mainland, one of the Aran’s prettiest villages.

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